Dumping It?

Jaded God

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I have read a lot the words "dumping" a sega genesis game cart... This refers to making it a bin or ROM file right? If so how is this done with cart games?
Dumping is a term used to describe the actual copying of the contents of a cartridge.

i.e. taking a cart, and making a computerized file with the carts contents.

either part or all of the rom being tranfered, is considered dumping.

the one pictured, is a Super Wild Card, a backup device for the SNES

also is a Super Magicom. basically, you plug a cart into the device, and plug the hole thing into the Genesis, a la Sonic and Knuckles "lock-on" or game Genie

I don't know the ones used for Sega consoles, but they do the same job.