DVD burning question...


Ban Hammered
I went on a trip to mexico this summer with a bunch of friends and volunteered to edit all the video. So I got all that done, and just yesterday I started figuring out how to make my own DVDs with our new DVD burner (-R, not +R). I got all my video on there and my menus and chapters all set up and everything (TMPGenc dvd author is a great program :)) but there is a ton of room left on the DVD. My question is: Is it possible to fill this space with still pictures from my digital camera so that if you put the DVD in your computer you can browse them there. I dont really want a slideshow, just to have my friends be able to browse the stills on their computers.

If im not mistaken (which i very well might be, this is my first time really messing with DVDs) all the DVD audio and video go into the VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS folders, so would it be possible just to burn the dvd from the TMPGenc program, rip those two folders out in some other program, and add in the other files as well? thanks in advance for any help.

EDIT: ok, i just experimented and it worked just to add another directory. Now i can watch the video still, and all you have to do use explorer to look through all the stills. Mods can close the topic if they want.