DVD case cover/manuals/cd scans for Sega CD/Saturn games.

Pearl Jammzz

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As most of you already know DVD cases are now the standard holding cases for Next-Gen games and movies. I think it would be WAY nice if someone could make high quality scans and fit then onto a DVD case. Manuals would be VERY nice too. Might be kinda hard to do but would be very simple if someone with sum smarts made a program to do it. I would really like Sega CD games but wouldn't mind some saturn ones as well. The one thing about Sega CD is that there is such a limited ammount of games for it that you could do scans/manuals/cd fronts for em all. The only thing is that when you do this it would be a complete waste unless they were high quality scans and were kept high quality (no jpeg). Just my 2cp, anyone else think this is a good idea?
well the thing about that is the cover is on the plastic so you couldn't really do that without printing a plastic copy. The thing about jewl cases are they are small little sqaures and you can easily slide any image in and out.
The DVD cases I own have plastic things on them. All you have to do it slide something inside it. All the blank cases I have ever bought had plastic coverings.....
Yes I like the idea.

I also thought about buying empty DVD cases.

printing Sega CD covers in the size of the DVD cases.

At the moment I put my CD-Rßs of Sega CD games only in normal blank CD cases. It looks ugly.

The collection of my Sega CD copies would look much cooler in DVD cases with printed original Sega CD/Mega CD covers.

A FTP with high quality scans would be cool.

JPG would be okay when the quality is good and resolution also high.
so you print out the covers and slide it into the plastic slip of your empty dvd case.. no biggie

my only problem with that is the cost of the empty dvd cases.. all i've seen is like 5 packs for 10 bucks or so.. meanwhile i buy crates of 50 empty jewel cases for 15 bucks at CompUSA, crop and resize the covers and fit em in the regular CD case..

I've seen (a few times) on ebay auctions for XX amount of the actual SegaCD/Saturn/old psx big-ass jewel cases.. They usually go cheap (if you want to look 'legit')..

Alot of SegaCD games I own never came in these big cases.. ie; Prince of Persia came in a normal jewel case with no covers, all of it stuffed into a cheesy cardboard box (of approximately the same size as a dvd case).. Sega got cheap with the packaging (like all the older genny carts came in cool folding plastic cases, the later ones in chinsy cardboard boxes)

All the sega cd scans in the museum at workingdesigns.com are of good quality.. They'd look fine in a dvd case..