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V-E-R-B-A-T-I-M as always.

Ritek is also an ok brand.

Princos are a touchy subject... Some love em, some say their crap. I personally believe they are crap.

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Originally posted by ExCyber@Jul 22, 2003 @ 06:57 AM

Taiyo Yuden

Mitsubishi Chemical / Verbatim


the ones for authoring are the best -- but they cost between 15 - 20 $ a peice

TDKs, SAMSUNG, Verbatim are the best in the general use catagory

samsung being the cheapest and verbatim being the most expensive

samsung is the one the government and NASA uses ( in case thats important to you )

cdrinfo.com has a good forum on the subject of blank media

also this is the cheapest site ive found for blank media http://store.yahoo.com/cdrdvdrmedia/dvdr.html

ive used princos -- they are shit - but they DO work - ive used the 1X 2X and 4X disks -- 4X was the best then 1X --- 2X was the worst, out of the 10 pack i bought only 5 worked

edit: i forgot to mention - it also depends on your burner -- i have the LG4020B and everythign worked in that -- the older poineers and sony have trouble with some media -- i mean all the time not like in my case with those 2x disks -- i think that was a disk problem - cause those 5 disks that didnt work - did work after leaving them in the car on a sunny day for an hour

2nd edit ::: forget about what i said about dvd-r for authoring -- dont even look at those unlss you have a authoring drive
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Taiyo Yuden

Mitsubishi Chemical / Verbatim


agreed :D [/b][/quote]

I know these are good for cdrs, but I haven't seen them for dvd-r. Another thing, it is difficult to find which brand is using these since the dvd manufacturer is not shown.
personaly i think the ones with a metal stablized dye are the best -- ive worked with metal stablized dyes at work and their color does remain stable for longer periods of time under stress of other light -- as oposed to the dye with out metal

i know tdk uses metal stablized dye and claims that the dye will remain stable (or hold its data) for longer than 100 yrs. (cdrs have same claims)

i use TDKs -- all others ive tried - i havent been able to find out if thier dyes are metal stableized - so i asume they are not - i assume they are standard

i heared that SAMSUNG are the same disks ( samsung is alot cheaper ) - so i will be trying them out next -- once i get a hold of the packaging i should beable to tell more

but from experiece ive used similar dyes they are using on the blank dvds and ive certainly noticed the diference between the regular and metal stablized ones

i dont know what mitsui is using i havent looked into it deeply primarily cause i cant find mitsui disks cheaper than 5.50 a piece but i thought they were using a dye similar to thier cdr dye - the phathalocyane dye (something like that) -- which also is a pretty stable dye in other light


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TDK is coming out with some "Armored" DVDRs.

Cost about a $1 more a piece but they are supposed to to get really scratched any still work fine.

Maximum PC and a couple other mags tested them.

Took some hard scrubing with a brillo pad to get them not to work


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the ones for authoring are the best -- but they cost between 15 - 20 $ a peice

And they also use a different wavelength for writing that only $5000+ drives use.

edit: oops, they're down to around $4000 now. Besides, serious DVD authoring is actually done to tape, not disc.
yea they do but as far as i know you can still use them

a co worker of my friends used to use the authoring disks because he wanted the best quality but hes decided they were too expensive and uses general verbatim now

edit : i know with cdrs the diference is small 635 for authoring and 650 for general -- lazer diodes dont just emit one wavelength anyways they have a peak wavelength that they are rated for - they do stray ---- i dont know why the diference in wavelength - i never looked into it - i just assumed it was becasue 635 is a slightly thiner ( so to speak) beam which would help staying with in the lines (so to speak) and create less errors -- also they could fit a liitle more per disk if they wanted to

but now im curious and will have to look into why the diferent wavelengths

2nd edit : about my first post forget about the authoring disks unless you have an authoring drive -- as far as i can tell (not looked into it in great detail) they are basicaly the same quality based on manufacutre just that they are made to be more sensitive to the 635nm light as opsed to 650nm which for general dvdr -- i gues you can use them in a general drive based on what i heared fromt hat guy i mentioned but i saw on a paper writen by pioneer that the disks are not interchangeable -- so based on that id just say stay away from those
jurai i use all kinds of blanks cheap expensive and mid grade -- each brand has had deaths and have not out lived me -- yes it does depend on how you treat them -- but it also depends on the materials they are made from and so on

the cheap 15 cent cds i use have a comon failure were the reflector begins to corode and therefore makes the disk bad -- ive also had disks that stoped reading after being left out in the open also somedisks have no protection over the reflector -- so if someone asks a question about that its nice to answer

edit ::: {{{as for dvds many of the cheap ones will remain stable for about 15 yrs. (10 - 20)

and the metal stableized ones for a century (acording to tests) -- so sure if you take care of them mabey they will out last you but take a gues at which ones more likely will -- so id say pick one with a metal stableized cyanine or metal stableized azo dye -- -- from what ive read - manufacurers DO make disks using the regualr dyes --- im wondering about optodisk - manufacutrer from malaysia - suopsedly they are high quality and cost as much as princos - ive been to thier site but couldnt find out what dye they use - so im still up in the air about them -- basicaly my point here is that no some disks will not out live you }}}

someone had a question about quality (basicaly ) im just trying to help out - instead of expressing fantasy and how much i hate my self - you will die at an early age and live out your last years with stomach pain if you don't chill out

common-- sing the happy happy joy joy song and do the happy dance :p :lol:


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if we aren't gonna get back on topic, I can go ahead and close the thread.

Any more recommendations of DVDrs?

Edit: I cleaned up the thread to keep it on topic
Can anyone suggest a good place to buy these metal DVD-Rs? Basically I'm moving my mom's VHS tapes to DVD for her, and she wants them to last forever, but I guess a centry is good. :D

I'd like to buy them in bulk, and not get scammed I guess are my biggest two things.


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Originally posted by googlefest1@Jul 23, 2003 @ 05:50 PM

here are the cheapest places ive seen

except for TDKs the cheapest place ive seen is the Best Buy store



although havent oredered form them yet -- i will once my stock runs low

the sites do not say what the dyes are - that youd need to find else where and then decide which is the best value for you

I think he was asking about the Armored ones in particular
Originally posted by racketboy@Jul 23, 2003 @ 06:54 PM

I think he was asking about the Armored ones in particular

Yeah, it's important that they last for near forever to my mom.


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Originally posted by googlefest1@Jul 23, 2003 @ 06:23 PM

i thought those were suposed to be out in the fall

yea id like to get my hands on those as well especialy if the price difrence is $1

Yeah I didn't think they were out yet.

But it looks like you can buy them from at least the TDK site. But only in 1 PKs