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Hey guys, my friend gave me a few of his PSX games to backup, and I'm having trouble with them. I've ripped several games in CDRWin, however, those were ISO only. These have audio files in them. The ISO only ones, work like a charm. However, the audio ones have several problems. Ridge Racer's graphics are all distorted, and only get worse as the race goes on. Plus, there's no audio. NFL GameDay 99 doesn't load after the opening FMV. These are the CD-Rs. The actual games work fine. These are the instructions I followed:


I've used these before, and they fine with the ISO only ones. I even followed Skanks instrctuctions, even though that's for Saturn games, and those didn't work either. Any suggestions?

How can I rip games in ISO/Mp3? After I rip in that, do I burn them like a Mega CD game? Only select Mode 2 instead of Mode 1 burning?

Edit: I've burnt at both 4x and 2x, but I still get these damn problems.


Not denying you your right to post a non-sega tech help question at all, but you might get more help from a PSX message board. ???


Originally posted by Gallstaff@Oct. 11 2002, 2:59 pm

I dont see how that would matter considering that it's the same basic process to rip or burn a saturn or psx game.

Well it obviously isn't the same, otherwise Cloud wouldn't be having all the problems. I would suspect that the different copy protection schemes used on PSX discs may have something to do with this.

Mal's right - it would make more sense to post this at a PSX board. Not that he can't ask the question here, of course, but logically it makes less sense to ask here.


What i mean is i've ripped saturn, 3do, and psx games all the same way using cdrwin and all the copies worked fine that's all;..


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Try using Fireburner for iso + mp3s.. Or iso + waves.. You may need to select track at once or disk at once depending on the iso.. I've burned many psx, saturn, and sega cd games.. You can also try making cue sheets for them..

Maybe your burning too fast.. Try a lower speed burn..
depending on the age of the drive, blindread may do a better job of the reading process, just tell it to rip to a bin/cue and you can burn it back using cdrwin or fireburner (id recommend cdrwin) in the event blindwrite doesnt support your writer for writing