Earthworm Jim (Not ISO or ROM request)


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I need to know desperately: Does somebody know a place, anywhere like an IRC channel, a site or an ftp where I can get some episodes of the earthworm jim show (i dont even think it had a name other than "earhtworm jim"). I loved these so much when I was younger and I need to see them again but I'll be fucked if i'm gonna let ebay jerk me around again and no place around here has even the slightest idea that there was a show based on "that worm guy".

Please I need these.

EDIT: woo 1984 posts the same number as my favorite year
I tried eMule but there were no episodes... and I've just found Earthworm Jim - 110 - The Great Secret of the Universe.avi with Kazaa, but it's the only one :bs Man, that show was GREAT!