Ebay Question?


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Hey guys i need some advice from those of you who have used ebay, so i can make up my mind in buying a Saturn from ebay or a gamesite. thanks


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I bought my saturn from ebay and I'll say the deal went well. For $51 plus shipping I got 2 controls, six games and a menory card. I had gotten ground shipping so it took around 2 and a half weeks to arrive.This may sound corny, but i would have never known how good the saturn really was until I saw this site. I have a psx also, but to me it doesn't even compare.


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Ebay is a great way for you to get saturn stuff. I've goten plenty of great deals on items and have been able to find some of the rare stuff too. I've had nothing but good experiences on it too


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Can say nothing but good things. Have bought lots of stuff on e-bay... just checkout the person's feedback to get a good idea how the person is. Also, make sure to read the descriptions well. Some people seem to miss little things, then get mad cause they think they got screwed.


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I've only had good experiences with ebay. Just be sure and read the feedback about the seller to see what other users had to say about their experience with the seller.


I'm also a little wary of people who have zero feedback and have recently changed names. Makes you wonder why.


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Those people could also just be new. But I've never had a bad experience on eBay. Make sure you know the market price for things you want to buy though. Quite often things go way higher than they should.


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yeah especially around christmas time prices for anything goes way higher, one thing i would suggest is signing up with PayPal cuz it uses your credit card and most ebay sellers accept it, meaning you can pay them instantly and only have to wait for the auction to be mailed to you which saves lots of waiting time for the good stuff you might win :)


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Always, ALWAYS pay for insurance on shipping!!! And make sure they send it with a signature required upon delivery!!!

I learned that the hard way. I bought three DC games from a gamestore through eBay. They had over 2000 positive feedback and only about 3 negative (which were all people complaining about items, IE: "game was for GameBoy, not GBC as advertised"). They got the money, but the games never arrived. Based on all their positive feedback and the fact that they did respond to my e-mails, I don't believe they were scamming me. The only thing I can figure is that the package got lost by the USPS. If I had paid $6 more for insurance and signature required, I wouldn't be out the $53 I paid for the games.

But overall, eBay has been great to me. That's where I got my DC and most of my GameGear games. My 3DO also came from Yahoo Auctions. (Yahoo Auctions can be good sometimes because there aren't as many people bidding as on eBay. Problem is, most of the items put up for sale are by "pro-sellers" who have inflated starting bids.)


i like ebay, but i couldnt find a good enough deal on a saturn there, so i went to switchouse and got a model 1 saturn, with around 10 games, and 2 controllers for somewhere between 30 and 40 bucks, I dont remember exactly. But the only experience with ebay that ive had that was less than perfect was buying old Zelda cartoons on VHS. i wouldnt recommend that, very poor quality. Other than that, ebay is a great place to find good deals.