Ebays the most expensive place you can get somthing like this , check out pawn stores , thrift stores and used video game shops ...if you can find one youll probably pay half as much as on ebay .
yeah you guys keep saying to look in pawn stores and i don't know where the hell you live but pawnstores in my area sell old furnature, sculptures tools too etc.
gallstaff is right, I would love to be able to find a 3do or any system for that matter at a pawnshop by me.
I found a Saturn at a pawn shop once, along with a bunch of games. (This is about 18 months ago.) He wanted $10 each for the games, and $80 for the system. I bought the one good game he had (Mystaria) for the $10, and left all the other games (such as NHL 97, Robotica, Revolution X).
Same here as for the pawnshops in my city are the pits why:

1. Owners greets with a shotgun and pitbull.

2. Jewelry, Tools, and Uzi's for sale only.

3. They are in the roughest, I mean roughest parts of town, if I go in, I might come back to a car on bricks....
the thing about ebay is that if you want something

it's there, you probably will end up paying a premium, but for a lot of things (import games for old consoles, more collectible genesis carts, anything turbographx or neogeo, ect.) it's the only place you're going to find them espescially if you live anywhere that isn't metropolitan. i live in a fairly densely populated and enlightened (by u.s. standards anyway) place. i'm surrounded by towns with populations of over 100k and less than an hour away from san fransisco and it's even getting difficult to find dreamcast games at the nearby game stores. the flea market provides a nice selection of genesis carts, but i had to use ebay to get a copy of phantasy star 4. i can find saturns every other week or so, same thing with sega cd's, but there are never any saturn or segcd games. i've been going there fairly regularly since summer and i've yet to see a turbographx and i've only seen one master system so far so...