i just got a 3do in the mail off a guy on ebay and he freking used the box as the mailing box -- i frelling hate that - thats the second time someones done that - the box was in pretty good condition too - man i hate that
And the problem is?

He sold you a 3DO, not its box (I'm assuming he didn't advertise the box). If you wanted all the original packaging in good condition along with the system, you should've asked the seller.

Sorry, but people gotta be realistic here.... NEVER expect something unless it was expressly agreed upon.
he said 3do in original box -- every time i get something like that the box comes clean in another box -- and the way i notice it people are always bidding more for stuff with original packaging (i do)

and i just tested it -- the freaking thing dosent work right i got double frelled

the guy game me positive feedback -- i hope that means he was expecting it to work and not trying to screw me
hehe yeah -- on eBay you're paying a premium if it says it has the original box.

for example, I sold my model 1 Sega CD for about $70 more just because I included the box. But I specifically stated that I would ship the box inside a shipping box and pad it all.
That does blow, googlefest ... And btw, I'm sorry for making your life so hard
I just realized you're the same guy who's trying to get 650MB CDR blanks for his Kenwood... lol... Anyway, what kind of feedback does this seller have? If it's very good (no negatives) it stands to reason that he'll play fair and accept a return on your console. Or maybe it's even something that you can very easily fix yourself so you have a working 3DO and all the people in the land live happily ever after.
he has 14 positives

i can fix it - but thats not what i paid for - 3do with box 18 games in perfect working order -- thats not what i got
well this guy is offering his fz-10 -- this is real nice of him but i wanted the fz-1 -- this makes me wonder if he realy was intending to sell a faulty fz-1 or not

i wonder what hed say if i asked him if he let me try and fix the fz-1 before i trade it for the fz-10