EGM Issue #2 pics

Soul asked for these a while ago, but I decided to make them public. I know it is image intensive.... so I made only two available diurectly here and the others are links. I won-t be hosting these for too long, but here they are:




Sega Genesis Preview

TG-16 Preview

Suupre Famicom Preview, price comparisson and release dates
Nice pics artemio, I've got box upon box of gaming magazines stashed away in my basement
Maybe i'll soot thru them ove day and share with the community what I have.
I'm gonna scan all my mags just so I have em in case they ever get ruined too much. I have every gamefan from first to last by the way.
Yes, my avatar is from Thundercats, one of the best cartoons ever, alongside Transformers, Go Bots and Gi Joe.

I can scan my gamefans, I'll just have to borrow my friends scanner, and I'll have them all on record. I'm sure theres lots of stuff containted withing them that you'd love to see, specially the Starfox 2 coverage from e3.
there is ALOT of stuff i want to see there i like their import reveiws, if you are going to scan it please make sure the quality is good bad don't make each picture 1mb also if you are going to scan you should scan everything every page even the ads,cover and the back cover,what year was the first gamefan released?and are they still published, i can't find it anywhere
I found a whole huge stack of old VG magazines -- mostly GamePro (including the 1st and 2nd issue) and Sega Visions (oh yes) -- at the used bookstore where I used to live. They we selling them all for 10 cents a piece. I bought them all up
-- only spent a few bucks

Unfortunately they are now still in my parents' house in MI while I now live in CA. Bummer. When you have a lot of them it's a pain to store and move. I might sell some of them off and scan some of the best articles.

It's hard being a packrat
i had only one essuie of gamefan it had a review of the snatcher for psx and a review of panzer dragoon 2 and a big coverege of ff7,damn i miss it
I ave nearly every mag. I'm such a packrat and a nostalgic person. 7 boxes full of mags. I'll make a list of what I've got for everyone on the site. I'll be sorta an infrmation database
scan em into bmp's, they may be a little large in size but you can pack each vol into a rar. puttin em into a pdf wouldnt be a bad idea. 7boxes full of em would probably take up 20 or so cd's but then you'd have them all preserved in perfect quality, or atleast as perfect as you can get.
JPG loses quality sometimes, bitmap is the best, I'll just rar them up and that'll save some space.

Plus I know that most of you guys will want to see the scans
especially you soul.
yes ofcource i want to see the scans, but did you think how or what are you going to scan? like are you going to scan EVERY page (including the cover's and the ads) or just somethings like some review's and articles?