emus for DC

i have two question for anybody welling to answer them.

first, how many emulators are there (or game systems)for DC and what are they? (for example i have nesterdc for nes and neopocott dc for neo geo handheld, what else?)

second, is it true that there is NOT an nintendo 64 emulator for DC?

just wondering in cali!
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there is no and never will be a (playable) n64 emu for dc. ever. any and all of them "out" are fake.
well, u shouldnt say there will "never" be an n64 emu for dc, although it is probably true. its more of that dev-ing an n64 emu will be VERY time consuming;_)

after all that psx emu works more than 'nice'ly, altho the floor textures look really out of place in tekken3.

anyway, as bobo said, those two sites. there has been more than enough scandals concerning dcemulation.com so i wouldnt try to do anything dumb over there ^_^

one thing tho. if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. buzzwords to avoid are: NeoGeo, N64, Real, Not Fake

you should try the new release of nester. its really nice
and the ram. any emu claiming to play perfect dark or other games above 12 MB is fake. the DC only has 16 MB of ram afterall.
Emu for n64:

pick up n64 console

open window

throw console out of window

sit on lawn with controller and say "WOW how REALISTIC" as your little brother/sister runs around in the yard and screams "WA HOO!" just like Mario.


If I was you anyways, I would get Dream-O-Rama, the Sega SG-1000/3000 emulator so you can see where Sega started in the home market :) I would also reccomend playing Penguin Land on it as that game is just sooooo #### addictive! :)
let me get this straight then, please,

there will never be an nintendo 64 emu for DC, because DC doesn't have enough ram or memory to hold a 64 emu?

thats simple enough!! i posted this question on two other message boards. One they locked the board for some reason and the other board, "most" people yelled at me for even thinking the idea. #### what is so wrong with nin64, jeez! Like i said im learning!!

anyways thanks for the answers, at least i didnt get yelled at here! hehehehe!

it doesn't have enough ram to hold most games, and doesn't have the CPU power to emulate it at any speed even close to playable.