ever feel like

You ever feel like you're life is a combination of those things hitting guys in the balls videos. let me clarify that you're the guy and life is the combination of you all happy and shit then life just smakes you in the balls like in the videos then people just laugh and shit at it and then you're all like fuckign ball hit me in the balls(basically damn life just fucking crushed me balls)
yeah, i have sort have had that feeling, like everything is fine, and then there is a sudden jerk of fate that screws it up, and it is sort of like getting hit in the balls, when you realize that something wasn't as it seemed, in away it's like a combination of getting the wind knocked out and getting hit in the balls.
Yeah, I know what you mean.

I've certainly had more than my fair share of knocks in life.

The best way to ease that feeling somewhat is to spend time doing something you love.

The crap that comes along and depresses you almost always works itself out eventually.
I think everybody feels like that once in a while. I just try and remember that I have no real problems. It always the stupid shit that gets to me, like girl trouble.
Aahh... girls... I´m still drepressed when I remember mi last girlfriend...
. Yep... I know the assunt of the balls..., but you have reason, there is no real problems, like a cancer or similiar
Originally posted by CHE@June 13 2002,09:17

I´m still drepressed when I remember mi last girlfriend...
. Yep... I know the assualt of the balls

That could be interprited in a few ways
now i'm going with this opinion of life(used it many times in the past but some people might get a kick out of how i think of things). Life is like a psyco clown, once it gets you laughing and smiling it takes out a mallet and bashes your knee caps and all the time it's laughing away at your missery.
ya i blame bastard children waking me up early, and other things for that but now i'm feeling my ussual neutral towards everything.