Everybody report.

Oke, the old forum is down, so could everybody working on the Saturn post what is their current progress.

A word from Saturn Utena would be nice, also, but not necessary.

For the interested, i just solved my DMA problems on SNES emu Stardust. I have real GFX this time ^^; Looks promissing, even if it's a mangled bunch of dots.
impressive Takashi! Good you got gfx.....

My project is currently halted (an Adventure clone for te Saturn.. with some twists =)). But will continue work on it as soon as I get my mod working again and return from NAB.
My project involves progressively beating myself more and more violent each time recording the visions I have after I pass out in a pile of my own spittle and blood. So far it is going well, but I have lost complete feeling in the left side of my body... odd
Well, if anyone remembers, a "long" time ago (near the end of last year? I'm not sure...), I was working on a Linux-hosted Saturn send/run tool for AR/Commslink. The tool is working now, although it could stand some improvement. I tried to make it as portable as possible; only one of the provided functions depends on the /dev/pccl interface, so hopefully people wanting to port it to another system (I seem to remember someone being interested in porting it to BeOS) won't have too much trouble. BTW, it's quite possible that it only works with EMS units; I don't have a Datel AR to test with. Anyway, if you want to download it, it's at http://members.tripod.com/~excyber/saturn-...tar.gz

Please let me know if you want to see any little features (such as specifying start address at runtime) added.