Example code for MD/32X games

Chilly Willy

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MD/32X programming Examples

These use the toolchain built via the guide in this thread.

Here is an archive with example code - it includes Tic-Tac-Toe in both C and C++ for both the MD and the 32X, as well as Yeti3D for the 32X. The linker scripts included are older than the ones in the toolchain guide, so don't use them. The guide was updated with the latest linker scripts to fix bugs in the ones that are in this example. The port of Yeti3D to the 32X includes my MOD player and sound effects code using DMA PWM audio done by the Slave SH2. The display uses the line table to half the vertical resolution (112 lines instead of 224), and yeti was altered to draw two pixels at once horizontally giving an effective resolution of 160x112 while still filling the entire display.


Here is a port of xrick to the 32X. This has a lot of good code for use in 32X games. The sound uses my DMA PWM code, but calls the xrick sound code to actually make the samples.