Exhumed / Powerslave


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My favorite FPS on the Saturn.

It has a great combination of a nice frame rate, cool Egyptian theme, good variety of weapons, great music and plenty of hidden objects to collect. When I first got a copy of Exhumed, it didn't leave my Saturn until I finished it. :)
Exhumed was amazing, it was actually the first FPS I ever played as I didn't have a PC at the time. My mate had the game at the same time and we were in a race to see who could finish it first. I won :D

I even completed the game with all the team dolls collected. That one with all the lasers took me many weeks to get.

Also those power ups you collected through the game to reach new areas, I've only seen something like that repeated in a FPS in Metriod Prime.
You collected all of the team dolls?!? :eek:mg:

That's dedication. What was the reward for finding them all?
It was back when i could only afford a new game a few times a year so I played every game I had to death. I did use a guide though.

The reward was Lobo flight mode, which as the title suggests lets you fly in the game. Wasnt really worth the effort, the greatest reward was the satifaction of actually doing it.

I think the US version Powerslave also gave you game death tank as a reward as well but it wasn't in the Euro version :( .
A guide? Do you still have it? I looked all over the place but didn't find anything.

Flight mode sounds like a bit of a let down.

I did find one easter egg (I guess). I was playing with the different language settings to see which ones had translated voices and which just had subtitles and I ended up with a very odd title screen. :blink:
The guide for the dolls was in an issue of the UK Sega Saturn magazine. I dont think I have it anymore and I cant remember the issue number.

There was also a walkthrough spread out over a few issues of Mean Machines Sega, I dont have them either <_< .

The flight mode was pretty poor although I did complete that mode as well. I had far too much time on my hands back then. :D
The local privately owned video game store has a copy of this for $10 lol. I keep seeing it and think 'bleh another fps' but it sounds like it might actually be worth picking up huh?
If you hadn't guessed already, I think it's one of the best games on the Saturn.
I have wanted this game for a LONG time! Well over a year have I been wanting this game. I'd rather have an original, but a CD-R will hold me over greatly until I get an original. Now... I just need a CD-R, and perhaps someone on the FTP might have it. Have gotten anything off any of the FTPs since March of 2002, so this'll be interesting.
Exhumed rocks.. A decent challenge for any FPS fan.

I have that sega saturn magazine guide to finding all the team dolls right here, pity I dont have the game anymore.... I loved that M-60 Machine gun (if thats what it was).. sounded so cool it did.

:drool: :drool:
For those who want a guide to finding the 'hidden dolls' in Exhumed, i've typed up the OSSM guide for you to use. ONLY Text, no pics unfortunately.

Hidden Team Dolls Guide

(If IceMan2k, wishes to put this guide in the 'Guides' section of the SX site, please do my friend)

Any problems with the guide, PM or email me.
exhumed is a death metal band.

powerslave is an iron maiden record.

even if this weren't such a great game, i'd be forced to check it out for those reasons alone :)
Originally posted by aaron@Aug 17, 2003 @ 12:50 AM

exhumed is a death metal band.

powerslave is an iron maiden record.

even if this weren't such a great game, i'd be forced to check it out for those reasons alone :)