i just got EZCD from the site is this a good program to use, because i cant use nero with the cdi files i dont think and disk juggler doesnt have a mixed iso option so i cant ad the MP3's in.
Ok thanx for that luckly i havent installed it yet, can u burn cdi files in nero i wasnt sure, i now got fireburner and NTI CD MAKER PRO 2000 which i guess works with XP what about fireburner? which would u recommend?
CDI files are DiscJuggler images, why would you think that Nero would be able to burn DiscJuggler images? Directly, no, but if you extract the data and audio tracks out of it with tools like CDmage or WinISO, you can burn those tracks with the aid of a cue sheet. See instructions for burning ISO+WAV or ISO+MP3 with Nero here.

Fireburner should work fine; it's pretty straight forward actually. NTI CD Maker 2000, on the other hand, doesn't have the mixed mode from image feature, or so I've heard, so you can't burn mixed mode from image.
fireburner is great when you have a cue sheet but nero is best when you have iso + mp3. i'm just too lazy to make my own cue's i guess.