Fake Megadrive

I have a Megadrive 2 from Hong Kong which I am pretty sure is actually a fake (not made by sega).

I hooked the machine up to my pre-existing Genesis 2 cables. But I got a black screen with some roll. Now, Hong Kong has a different voltage (220, i think.) and I have blown up an electronic american device by plugging it in over there.

Here is my question. I don't have the original cables. Do these symptons sound like...

1. wrong voltage; therefore, power problem.

2. it's PAL and therefore, no image. (which doesn't explain lack of sound or any visual at all. previous pal roll an image.)

3. The machine is broken. Black with small rolling likes equals broken machine. Spend a few more hours with the air duster and pray.

4. None of the above because you suspect another problem.
the voltage shouldn't be a prob, the MD couldn't care less what power the PSU gets, as long as the PSU spits out 9 V to the MD.