Famicom G-CD Unit.

Hey guys,

Does anyone have a Famicom G-CD Unit? I was wondering, do those things actualy work better than a regular Super GameBoy? The only drawback I can think of would be that you can't plug in a Game Doctor x, UFO, or Wildcard into the system because the G-CD is on top.
the cd unit is an all in one u dont need a snes as its already built in u just load games from cd,also there is no memory or any way to save game states from what i have read,i may be wrong,it actually has a doctor sf7 32meg built in to it,not sure how good these were as i have an wild card 32 with original box too and still play it.
Nonono Daffy, I think you mean a CD Game Station. A G-CD Unit fits on top like a game doctor, only it acts like a Super Gameboy. The only diffrence is, instead of using carts, it accepts mini CDs with roms on them. Personaly I think it isn't worth it, since you could put a UFO instead on your Famicom, which actualy does real Famicom games.

Im not sure, but can you not put a super gameboy on the Game Doctor 7 bypass port and still run games? The only drawback is that you can't load GB Roms from CD.
Wait... plays Super Gameboy games on the Famicom, or Super Famicom... I presume Super Famicom but no-ones said that yet