Family Guy


I don't know if it's gone over seas or anything, but I think this is the funniest #### show on TV. I'm normally not the kind of guy to promote petitions and such (since they don't normally work). But FG is really the only show I watch on TV today on a regular basis. I feel I have to try SOMETHING to keep it from getting cancelled. So if any of you ladies and/or gentlemen would be so kind as to sign the online petition to keep it on the air I would be much obliged. Unless you hate it, then, well, I hate you too ;)

Also, if you actually HAVE a Nielson box, please watch it! The execs said they would consider keeping it if it kept a 4.5 (last episode was a 4.0) Thank you.


Edit: And yes, I will sign all petitions that you want me to in return.

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"Fox is. Yet they keep god awful crap like Temptation Island and Dark Angel. Ugh. "

Thats cause TV Execs suck and sex sells *cough* DOA *cough*
Well, It's really not Fox's's the American public who are to blame. For a TV network nothing is more important than ratings. Ratings generate ad revenue which means more money. I agree however...Family Guy is one of the best written shows I've ever seen and it'll be sad if it dies.

What's really sad is not that Family Guy might get cancelled but that tripe like Temptaion Island is killing in the ratings. But isn't always like that...Nobody buys JGR but "The Bouncer" sells millions. People are stupid.
Ninja Turtles Next Mutation and The Tick got high ratings in their kids show line ups but were cancelled regardless.
Quote: from E Nice on 11:36 pm on Jan. 29, 2002

Ninja Turtles Next Mutation and The Tick got high ratings in their kids show line ups but were cancelled regardless.

Maybe the producers were assholes. :) Personal preferences among TV executives are rarely a cause for a show's cancellation. But it does happen.
####. Wasn't Family Guy at risk of being cancelled after their second season??? I was soo pleased when it came back on. ;) Heard that it was going to be canned because of the sexual, racist, and violent innuendos sprinkled throughout the show...which we, of course, LOVE ;)


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that show is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fuc$$in funny.. lol I have all three seasons, and they are well worth it.... :cheers


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They got the name of the show wrong. Wow, i'm not even going to bother to read that article when they don't bother to check their info.