Fao: sega rpg fans

Hi there,

I hope this isn't considered spamming, if it is, my apologies.

For some time now, we've been running a campaign gathering online signatures and also snail-mails, to send off to Sega, Nintendo and Camelot Software Planning to let them know of the global demand for a new Shining Force game.

It's recently been suggested that THQ will be distributing Shining Soul internationally for Sega, so we know there's a Shining game on the way... but it's not Shining *Force* style which so many fans know and love!

So, the campaign goes on, and is close to it's target of 5,000 names signed... and now, I'm doing a last push for the campaign in order to get more fellow Shining and Sega RPG fans to sign it, so I can send it off ASAP!

I know a lot of you will probably say that online petitions don't count for much, and I understand why you'd think that. I don't want your flames or criticisms on this. I just think that if there's never another Shining Force game, it certainly shouldn't be for lack of trying, and that's what we're doing.

It might not do any good, but it certainly can't do any harm.

You could spend 5 minutes typing out a reply as to why you think this is a waste of time, or you could spend 30 seconds adding your name to the list of fans who'd like to see a new Shining Force game

So, here's the URL:


I hope you'll lend your support.

Many thanks for reading this, and again my apologies if this is against forum regulations (though I could see no rules to imply such).