Farewell Thread...

Well I guess this is goodbye. My ISP has bit capped me and raised the price, so I took a stand and cancelled my service. In any case, I now find myself without service. Come September, I will once again sign up with some sort of new provider (I need one for school, gonna save some money for the summer months). So, this is farewell for now to all the great friends I made here at SX. The level of intelligence and respect found throughout this board is, I find, unparalelled in the whole internet. I applaud all of you for making this a great community, not only for Sega fans, but anyone.

As for the hub I'm running, which I noticed that a good amount of you have been recently dropping into, service will continue. A good friend of mine, goes by the name of Manicnux, will continue to serve in my abscence, so all further questions and comments shall be directed to him. I'm gonna try to sign up with an FISP so that I can check my mail and read some new posts, but my contribution will be minimal if any, due to my lack of connectivity.

Well, I'm done my goodbye, if no one cares, sorry to have wasted your time, and I guess I will see you all around later.

Happy Trails!
See ya when you're back