Ban Hammered
I am departing for Europe in the morning. Hopefully i will be back around the 17th, God willing. If a plane blows up or something, pray for me, lots, thanks! cyas.
Originally posted by Jurai@Jun 4, 2003 @ 02:30 AM

If a plane blows up or something, pray for me, lots, thanks! cyas.

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Sounds like a sweet deal. Whereabouts are you headed?

london, switzerland, venice, paris, some other places, i dunno the full itenerary right off
Sounds cool. My school has a few trips like that. If your in french class, you can pay like 2,000 bones to go to france.
If the worst happens....can i have your ftp? or will that be passed to gallstaff too?

Anyway...Have a great time Jurai, and come back to us soon! :cheers
man,you all have some rich schools the type of "trip" we would go on is to the movies(not even a multi-plex (well it shows 2 movies))then we would end with McDonalds or Hardees

but heck enjoy your trip!
I hear that! My school never let us go anywhere. Except my sister's class. People living in PA probably heard of that PSSA nonsense - well my sister's class did so freakin' well, that the HS got a huge grant, and then purchased palm pilots for all the teachers and gave the senior class a boat cruise down the Schuykill River (right through Philly). How insane is that?