Fav Current Generation System Poll

take your pick, and for all of you neutral ground guys i put in neutral just for you. yea yea i know its evil spam type of thread but i have never done a whats your fav thread and well i wanted mine to be special.
seems like lots of people like xbox
yea i just noticed the make a poll button so i decided i would try it and it seems to work. and who picked whats a console?? hehehe
Originally posted by gamefoo21@Aug. 04 2002, 8:14 pm

hahaha maybe i should of left dreamcast out?

Yeah, you should have.

But the poll is kind of useless, because the people who will vote have already made their opinions known (annoyingly) several times over.
The poll ain't useless. I've voted on it and I don't think I've bothered ranting in any of the "which system is best" threads. It provides a nice clean summery of what people here actually think. And that would be that the DC is best, an assumption you would never guess reading peoples annoying next-gen system rants.
you left out the commodore64 (more a game system then a computer) VECTREX RULES even though i never plaied one but i realy like the concept and the 3d helmet blows me away especialy being an engineer - the frekiing timeing scheme must have been a bitch to figure out

i voted for vectrex but i have to add dreamcast kicks but for now the others have not impressed me too much --- untill the robotech game comes out then ill have to vote for xbox (no im not selling out i just want that game and am a big fan of robotech- one of the things that made me want to be an enginer)

what i am surprised at is the xbox is whoopin ps2 you'd figure there would be more closet ps2 lovers on the site? hehehe and i would vote for dreamcast cept i made it so i can't rig it.

Xbox should be able to do porn extremely easily ms is putting out an ie for it so there ya go.

I owned a vectrex with all the games and 2 pads it was the bomb and i had the lil screens for it and everything. Oh and football rocked but the stupid computer could run 4x as fast as you so it took forever to td. but it was still good fun.
5-2 is not exactly 'whuppin'. But, I suppose in relation to the board situation, it is (re: below). But, realistically, you're bound to find only a few sony supporters among diehard Sega fans (re: sega CD, Saturn vs. PSX, etc.).

And the topic (GC vs. Xbox vs. PS2) has been done to death so frequently that I (personally) have a strong impression of who voted for what. There are people who have preferences, and there are people who would be classified as 'fanboys' (such is their vehemence to defend a particular system).

I retract what I said about it's usefulness - almost. It's actually a pretty solid indicator of how many people actually contribute to the SX boards, vs. those who come here to leech games and/or ask how to burn/swap trick/get CDRWIN to work on (name an MS OS).
hahahaha yup it actually tells you how many ppl give a damn, heh. and actually if i did this post with only the three main ones i mean i would have a hard time picking from either xbox or gc.
I would have to say dc is the best no other videogame console, even comes close, and don't say the xbox, because thats a freakin computer, so its disqualified, now don't get me wrong I have gamecube, xbox, ps2 and dc, as well as saturn psone, genesis,sms, snes,nes and n64 . regardless the dc is the best system on the market, or was and it still has tons of replay value, sonic adventure 2 shit that game is awesome, some of the best graphics I have seen in a game since, well sonic adventure 1. oh well gotta run.. DC RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!1