Favorite Sega System


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Ok, guys here it is yet another survey, this time, i want you guys to think back and rate your favorite sega system, and feel free to include your most memorable moments from that system.
i would say genesis had alot of fun with that

i cant say saturn casue all good games were in japan

and i wont say DC even though it think its great but im on a retro kick right know and am partial to the old 2d games

still some of my fondest gaming memories (not on pc or commodore 64) is sonic ecco and phantasy star and streets of rage

but i sitll realy like the master sytem i tired to defend that system so hard almost to the brink of fighting with the NES retards

i have real fond memories of rambo 2 zillion miricale warriors Y's power strike

but out of the 2 id pick genesis i gues


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Genesis here

Should have made this a pole, would have been easier
Tough to choose between the master system and the genesis for me. I even have fond memories of my sg1000/3000 system. Sonic blast was a trip on that system, if any of you remember it. 'OLD SKOOL RULZ!!!!!


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I would have put it in a poll format but like googlefest said I have to agree with I wanted to see peoples fondest memories from the past, I like the mastersystem alot, I think it was agreat system with 10 times better graphics than the nes, but it got no third party support which criplled them, i liked the saturn again, some of my fondest memories were spent on the phantasy star series, I can still remember hours spent going through countless mazes and getting lost, I would also have to say the saturn was an awesome system, that developers didn't take the time to learn the hardware, that sucked and then to see the abundence of games over in the uk, to me, is a real kick in the teeth. I like the dreamcast I still think its a waaay better system than the ps2 but unfortunately its not half as powerful as the xbox, but then again its a freakin computer so it doesn't count. anyways. I am through rambling, sega rules...

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