I love my FZ-1, and I'm wondering what everyone's fave games are!

I'll kick off

Killing Time (Fantastic! Best adventure FPS ever IMO)

Need for Speed

Road Rash


Super Street Fighter II Turbo X

Shockwave Assault

FIFA International Soccer

Who's next?
Let's see... I didn't really play too many 3DO games, so I guess my top three are:

Return Fire

Return Fire

Return Fire

My faves in no order :

Hell : im the only person who thinks this game is cool

D: Freaky

Gex : Hells Yeah !

Snow Job : I love mystery games . games made totally out of rendered graphics pretty original .

Dragon Lore ; Still need to beat this .

Alone in the dark 1&2 : Wonder how resident evil ever came up with such an original game ? Havent beat to hard .

Brain dead 13 : Coolest cartoon game ever , shows off 3do's mutlimedia capabilities

Games I have but need to play more of :

Lost Files sherlock homes

Luciennes quest (always wanted this game could never find it until recently at blockbuster :')

If you like fighting games

Samari Shodown

Street Fighter 2

are extremely acurate arcade translations

Wish they made more 2d or true 3d games for this system , it had too many computer type games and multi media formats

Oh well thats the type of games there were making at the time .

Games I think suck :


Pheonix somthing

Real plumbers wear ties .

Guardian hereos (needed content)

icebreaker ?
My favorite 3DO games are:

the Alone in The Dark games (creepy stuff)

SSF2T (eat my flying foot!

Wing commander 3 (space ships, big tigers, Ginger Allen, nuff said..)

Syndicate (I get to be the bad guy for once YES!)

Gex (a great platformer)

Way of The Warrior (am I the only guy who likes this game? ???)

Samurai Shodown (the only decent home version besides Neo Geo in my opinion)

that sums it up.
I forgot about Hell - I do think it's a cool game, and it stars Dennis Hopper

Also forgot Samurai Shodown, it's an excellent conversion!
from the small collection I have:

Best Storyline: Shockwave, Shockwave: operation jumpgate

Best Gameplay: Gex

Best Sound: Blazing Soldier

Best 2+ Player: Twisted, Fifa

Best Graphics:

Kept me there the longest: Sherlock Holmes,

Overall funnest:Super Wing Commander, only because of the touch of death mode, and being able to think of yourself as arrogant upcoming sharpshooting ace, that is making everyone angry, becuase in reckless dogfights you accidentally touch of death your wingmates.
My favorite 3DO games are: (not really in this order)

Star Fighter ( awesome shooter with great music )

Total Eclipse ( same as above, really good music!! )

Crash n Burn!! ( My fav. weapon is the missile, its the long distance stab in the back )

Wing Commander III ( Mark Hammils great roles )

Shockwave 2 Beyond the Gate ( nice fmv )

Alone in the Dark ( beat this game was alot of fun!! )

Return Fire 1 and 2 ( best two player game ever!! )

Strahl ( nice try of Pioneer LaserActive Triad Stone )

Way of the Warrior ( White Zombie, need I say more? )

Escape from Monster Manor ( toughest 3DO game Ive ever beaten but fun as hell )

Star Blade ( beautiful arcade translation )

Burning Soldier ( good music and fmv )

Super SF2 Turbo ( best fighter on the 3DO )

Wolfenstien 3D ( best version ever )

The Daedalus Encounter ( Awesome fmv for the 3DO )

Gridders ( fun, fun, FUN , and the music is good also )

Night Trap ( Very good game, Dana Platos last role! )

Sewer Shark ( Very best port ever!!!! ) ( Relax, Pretend its a game!! )

Dragons Lair ( Another great LD Arcade port, I beat it with 1 man! Much better than Sega CDs! )

and many many more......I can go on all day...I love my 3DO systems!!

well, those are the ones I have and like....I will definately get more later.

note I no longer have Night Trap, Sewer Shark or Dragons Lair! Bummer...I sold them like a moron ages ago for another game. oh well....and those 3 were my favorite of all.
Escape from Monster Manor ( toughest 3DO game Ive ever beaten but fun as hell )

>>god I think Killing time is a much better game from what Ive seen the graphics on KT are far supior , some people talk about escapes FPS but I dunno .

Way of the Warrior ( White Zombie, need I say more? )

Yeah rockin soundtrack....but

Night Trap ( Very good game, Dana Platos last role! )

Actually I think she did a bunch of stuff after this including lick flicks
Killing Time sucked for I main reason, its like one big maze thats so freaking slow and choppy it gives me a head ache....escape from monster manor moves really smooth and looks nice and the music is cool all around......Killing Time *might* have been cool on the PC with a killer video card and stuff, but 3DO was not powerful enough for it.......

Way of the Warrior is good for its time.....White Zombie soundtrack , nice fatalities, and its a hard game....big deal its choppy so is killing time and you like that.
At least its not as bad as Shadow!! My God give credit where credit is due!

and Night Trap....IS Danas last GOOD Role.........my bad I should have said that.......GOOD Role...not no damn lick flicks.
Poor Dana....

US release, but apparently rare on the ftp scene. I got it years ago w/box & instructions. A trully "immersive" action adventure that I recently got into when I took my 3do out of the dust. Now a bit older and wiser, I may actually finish it. A well thought out game, with the key ingredient that makes any good thing(movies, games) GREAT: music. Can be very tough and frustrating at the outset, but greatly rewarding once one actually knows what one is doing(this is not a doom clone).

pixel free fmv too

I have Immercenary, why dont you tell me how to beat it, and yeah the fmv in that game rules....its truley amazing how they did that game.......
Return Fire. And when I need a good laugh..PO'od! Can't beat whacking alien asses with a frying pan.

Fakk2, I don't remember. Is there a 3do section on your web site?
Fakk, i haven't beat it yet. Between ul/dl/ripping, and BAD DUMPS, (oh and movies) hard to fit gaming in sometimes. Also depends how far you've gotten. Here is what I've got in terms of strategy, starting from a "new jump."

Don't waste your time killing/Huffman'ing the droids with the lowest rank(the most common ones, colored in yellow, blue, red, etc). They are the easiest to kill but you won't advance killing them.

Ya need to build up your red, yellow and green(DOA) reserves and increasing your rank before facing even the 1st boss. Best way i've found to do this is by killing the small, silver droids - they make a sound like a dying record when you kill em. Once you kill enough of those and move up to about 180 in rank, you'll get a message on the bottom of the screen "you must beat Medusa to advance". She is the 1st boss located in the pyramid. After killing her, go around Huffmaning/moving up in rank till the next "you must beat xxx to advance."

Now, don't even think about facing a boss without any of the "multi-use items." Boomerang(red ball), and Hex(black ball) are great. As long as you don't get killed, they will remain in your arsenal. The balls are located in different areas, Hex is in the Northern residential area of the garden(you get these clues from talking in the Oasis).

One clue i didn't know about till i read the manual recently are the Oasis transporters! Going to the edges of the Garden can leave you low on reserves and ready to get killed. But at 6 locations on the edges of the Garden are turnstyles(like you see in the Oasis housing various characters). The map won't give u their locations, so u have to look for em. I know when is directly North of Oasis, and another directly South - go in there and be directly transported to the Oasis to heal

I think a web page housing these tips would be nice eh >=]
oh monstor manor that was a truely kick ass game. scary as hell though when it was new. Hey i was wondering if anyone knew the name of this one game.. i'm being veague here but it was a space shooter, 3d, with some live action fmv in there. I can't remember much else but if some one could list all the shooters they know i could do a box search on them. I've been wondering forever.
i don't know but i do know it's advertised on the inside flap of the 3do road rash box. I used to have the box but damn when those things get wet they are useless! if anyone can look at their box maybe they can tell me tho i doubt all roadrash boxes for 3do were exactly the same in that fashon.
My Road Rash is the PAL version, I assume you'd have had the USA one Galstaff... There is a small catalogue inside with an ad for Super Wing Commander though. That's not the same as Wing Commander 3. Was Wing Commander 3 the one that starred Mark Hamill IceMan? I got that second hand but it didn't work.