Final Fantasy XI Beta test


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Check it out. Thought someone here might be interested

I actually considered trying to figure out a fake American alter-ego so I could do it since I've been waiting on this for ages, but I doubt I'd get away with it.
I get told off and run away crying?

Alright, I'll give it a crack but I'm gonna need some help from you folks across the water for a US address and phone number. So long as it looks plausable I should be OK
. The only thing to shoot me down is if they check the ISPs but we'll have to see.
Well I just signed up for it. I dont feel like my application was very um impressive. I didn't know how much ram I had. And I'm positive i picked the wrong sound card since i know i dont have a soundblaster audigy 5.1. god damn myself.
Well I just signed up for it even though I've never played a FF game in my life (gasp!). My logic being I'm looking for a good MMORPG to get hooked on. EverQuest certainly wasn't it (
) I've been involved a couple other beta tests too, but I actually never played the games once the CD came. It'd be interesting to get on this one--just to say I did it, if for no other reason.