Final Fight Revenge

Could someone tell me how much this game goes for on Ebay, and what you think a reasonable price for this game is? Any other input would be nice. I loved the original Final Fight and I think I would like the one on one fighting in Final Fight Revenge.
This game is kinda sucky... it requires the 4MB RAM cart, but seems to make no good use of it, as one would expect from the only Saturn 3D game to use it (Shenmue aside).

i have been trying to get it for a while now too of ebay but the prices seem to be ridiculously inflated,... (radiant silvergun!) A fair price for this game would be around USD$50-$60. My advice would be just to wait, it seems that on ebay when their are alot of the same items up for sale week after week then they seem to push each others prices up but when they are the first to be up for a while then the prices tend to be a bit lower. After christmas is a good time to get stuff of ebay, everybodies desperate for cash!

goodluck anyway
I just bought that game new from a local shop in Chicago for $60. I'm a collector of sorts. It shows up on eBay from time to time, just set your search up so that you get emailed when the words "final fight" are matched.
If your intention is playing it, don't pay more than $5 for it. After downloading n burning it, I think it lasted 15 minutes in my sat (cycled through all the characters, tried some moves, commented to self at what a steaming turd it was) before I chucked it.

If you're a collector, I think mkt value is around $50-60?
I bought it the day it came out for $45. It's a fun little game if you like Final Fight a lot but the gameplay is incredibly limiting. The sidestep was a nice idea but the game desparatly needed free motion and real arenas.
Shit man one's selling for $80. That's ridiculous unless it's rare. I wouldn't say anything over $30 is fair for this game.
Originally posted by DBOY@Oct. 09 2002, 12:55 pm

It's a fun little game if you like Final Fight

No it's not. I love final fight, as I love many linear beat'em ups, and to see this title thrown in the so common 1-on-1 fighting genre was a real deception for me. Just like when I saw "Golden Axe : the Duel" or "Double Dragon V"

I mean't if you like the Final Fight characters and story. Not necessarily the gameplay. Sorry about the confusion as it doesn't play anything remotely like Final Fight an is pretty poor as 1-on-1's go.

It's only fun if you're a fan of the Final Fight world.
I think I would like this game since I am a fan of the Final Fight world. I don't think I am going to purchase this game any time soon though. I think I will buy Policenauts first, then I will buy this game.

Thank you everyone, for your opinions and information about this game.
I'm not thinking it was BAD, but not really that great compared to good 3D fighters like Virtua Fighter or Tekken.

Capcom hasn't really done a REALLY good 3D fighter unless you count Power Stone.
What about Rival Schools and Project Justice? What they lack in complexity, they definately make up for in fun and style.