Finally added to my collection!

Hey dudes!

Check this out:

I just bought it!!

Finally got my hands on a PAL christmas nights!

I was thinking about buying the JAP first...but just before doing so, I found this one.

Might buy the JAP version as well....but I just had to have this one.

Is the price (too) high?

I recently started playing my saturn again (after doing the lid sensor-switch mod) and I really love it!

I play Virtua Fighter, WWF Wrestlemania the arcade game, Shinobi X and Castlevania all the time!!

I really love em!
I remember buying the US version of christmas nights back when it was fairly new yet, got it at a blockbuster -- for some reason they were selling them new for only a few dollars at the time.
I think the price is perhaps a little high, but then it does have the sleave which is pretty rare here as we only ever official got the naked disks.