FINALLY some news

now is this supposed to be mostly like an RPG or do you think it might be a bit of a beatumup too?

Hoping it's still aimed for the GC
The last time I read anything, Yu Suzuki said they were in the process of trying to balance the action and the RPG aspects. The combat obviously won't be standard RPG stuff.. It'd be cool if once you encountered an enemy it went into a proper fight sequence VF-style with that enemy (or group of them). Since the best thing about VF is it's deepness and subtlety, I can't see that it could end up as an action RPG with just a few moves. Either way, you know it's gonna be good
that would be so cool.

that's what I hate most about standard RPGs -- the battle systems are so old fashioned. If they had fighting game type moves, I would be an RGP nut!
Some other interesting stuff on Spong.. Their 'Sega insiders' say that you'll be able to trade data between VFQuest and VF4: Evolution, which seems a not so subtle hint that VF4:E should be coming to Gamecube. At least, it keeps me happy to think so. VF4 is the only thing I miss since I sold my PS2. Also they're saying that apparently the PS2 and Xbox versions of Soul Caliber 2 will be ports of the Gamecube version, so obviously the GC one has had the most time spent on it.. Plus the rumour that you can play as Link in it has been confirmed
Dude! If both Soul Calibur 2 AND VF4 Evolution come to Gamecube, that will be the final nail in the coffiin for me to go out and buy a GC. That and the GBA Player. MMMMMmmmmm....