I'm using Fireburner to burn cds since the other well known programs are all giving me trouble (nti, easy cd pro, cdrwin).

There doesn't seem to be any specific mixed mode cd creating mode to use like the other burning programs i mentioned. How do i create a mixed mode cd? Do i just add the image file (iso) and wav files in the correct order at the default screen?
This belongs in Tech Help/CD Burning Help...not here...also was it really necessary to post the same thread twice?
From the Fireburner FAQ

How do I burn data tracks or a combination of data and audio using FireBurner?

Click File, then Load Tracks. Use multi-select (Shift+Click or Control+Click) to specify all your data and audio tracks (including MP3's). When you click OK, FireBurner will load each track into the layout. Assuming your recording device is configured correctly via the Device Options screen, all you have to do is hit Create CD then Burn.

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