firewire drivers


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I just installed a firewire pci card and here is the thing: on my hardware list it shows up, it's there, but when i click it to config it says no drivers installed. I remember, the instructions SPECIFICALLY SAID it will auto install drivers once installed and comp restarted. but... it's not hence, my computer is not detecting my digital camcorder which is plugged into the firewire card. So what do i do about these damn drivers? Should i call pinicale systems and ask what to do or do you guys know?
well i fixed my problem but here's the weird thing, it still says no drivers detected when, infact, there are drivers. I just exported my movie from the cam to the pc then edited it and imported it back to tape so it is working. It just doesn't KNOW it's working. Weird eh? oh well i'm not gonna let it bother me.