First Time Playing Shining Force

I'm pretty sure you just exit the kingdom and a battle should start. I think its the one with a bridge...where if you stay on one side of the birdge you can just attack without getting hurt. Thats if I'm not mixing up my SF's...and I don't think I am.


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I've wandered all over the place and I can't find a battle

BTW, I'm in Chapter 1 and have done 2 or 3 battles already
Oooooh, Chapter 2. It's a good one.

Might wanna be careful of the zombies in the next battle though. They can be tough. And be sure to do a lot of exploring in Manarina before and after the fight in the cave there...

Are you looking for any advice, cause odds are you're gonna miss some characters if you haven't played before... You could've already missed Gong and Gort, for instance... (and technically... Ken, Tao, Luke, Hans, and Lowe too...)


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got all the characters so far (that you listed)

have yet to get past the first battle yet

good stuff though! :D
Well, before you leave Manarina, just make sure to have picked up the Domingo Egg and Arthur... I doubt you could manage to miss much else that's too important. :)

And if you're having trouble with the first battle of chapter 2, the magic users can get some very nice power staves in Rindo... they should be able to smack zombies for a few damage too. ;)
Yea anybody with a powerstaff in that battle is basically as good as a fighter.. its a nice place to level up any low level magic users and what not.

Domingo egg. yes be sure not to miss that!