Fixing an old playstation

Hey Guys,

I have an old playstation, one of the first ones I think - it actually has the serial port and the old RCA plugs in the back, which I think is really neat. However, every time I now try to play a game on it, it just freezes at the PS logo, and it sounds like it's trying to access the disc but can't find anything. Ok...

1. I think the problem has something to do with the laser. If so, I'm thinking about getting this :

Is it a laser problem, and if so, is this what I need?

2. Ok, I know how to open up my playstation, it's not that hard. But how hard is it to replace the laser? Do I need to have soldering experience, because if so the sucker's staying in storage. I am no good when it comes to soldering. Also, is there a website which could explain to be how to replace the laser??

Thanks a lot guys!
If you haven't done it yet, try standing the Playstation on its head. It often helps with worn-out CD mechanisms, but of course it still won't last forever.

If your model is anything like mine, there's no soldering involved with changing the CD assembly and it's so simple you'll immediately see what to do once you've opened the machine.
antime has a good suggestion... Also try using a Qtip and alcohol to gently rub the laser and rid it of build up of dust and dirt..

Also if you dont want to turn your psx on its side you can adjust the POT values by a 2'oclock position turn clockwise. If you need a guide I can post one for ya. :cheers
Watch out with the flat brown cable, I ripped mine once when I tried to remove the CD assembly

BTW, what's this 'laser gear' thing being sold at lik-sang? Is it the whole assembly (then it would be super cheap) or just part of it?
I'm guessing that the 'laser gears' are the ones that allow the laser to move back and forward along the CD's radius. :huh
Well, it's the gears that seem to be the failing part in most Playstations. Replacing just them is bound to be trickier.
That sounds like you have one of the original model psx's - they were totally nasty even when they were brand new and you had brand new games the FMV would skip!
The solution as someone mentioned was to turn it upside down so the laser was closer to the disc and helped to read it properly.

If you get a replacement laser i am guessing it should be fine.