Flash, anyone?


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I was wondering, if i shot a movie me and my friend made with a digital video camera, converted it to mpeg or something of the like, could we import it into flash 5 or mx? and we're shootng a mortal kombat movie, gonna add effects and stuff make it look cheesy, yet cool at the same time. would anyone from sx consider posting that since no it's not animated, but it is sega related. We play genesis in it
I don't know if the latest versions of Flash support actual movie imports, but I know the older (V4) didn't. You'd be best off using Adobe Premier or something similar to do any real editing. A lot of these types of packages have all sorts of cool effects/plugins to do some crazy stuff to your footage.

Again, I'm not sure about Flash 5, but you may be able to do some effects/animations and export them as a movie with a transparent background and overlay the result onto your original footage. I really don't know what end result you are trying to achieve.
what i'm aiming for is get us fighting, you know ala mortal kombat, then add in the projectile moves, flips, blood fatalities etc etc. And i can do this in premere? I have premier but i don't realy use it much. How can i do that? OH and if you conver the digital video to a .mov file it will import but that's shitty quality so... if i can i'd like using premere.
Ok, what you are trying to do is two completely different things. Premier is an editing package so you can pick and cut your scenes together. As far as I'm aware it has no direct drawing facilities.

You'd be best off using some kind of 3D package if you want to add projectiles and blood to your film. What you need to do is create a movie in said 3D package and save it in a format that includes Alpha transparancy - usually as a series of still frames in the TGA format.

You can then import these frames into Premier and overlay them onto the original footage. You can probably do something similar in Flash, but it really isn't suited to this task...

For flips and things...I don't think you can easily do it. You'd need to be using blue screen techniques so that the background isn't removed when you cut your actor out (so you can flip him). Again, I don't think Premier is up to the task.
well i found all what i need in flash. IT's currently a work in progress. What i do is this. Get us fighting, and thorugh a very excruciationg progress edit out all background and turn just us fighting into a gif with a transparent background. THen cut the bg from mk and overlay it into the transparent part of the movie (all but us. ) then it's us fighting on a background from mk. Like i said the effects are MEANT to be cheesy so i'm rippin' them right from the game. if i wanted to do a good job i'd use 3d stidio max.