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As I was browsing the WTO's webpage for trash, I just thought I'd post some of the interesting disputes that they've covered. I hope anyone that supports any politician that supports the WTO thinks twice about supporting them.

Here are some cases:

United States: Definitive Safeguard Measures on Imports of Certain Steel Products (Brought by Switzerland): 8 April 2002 (also brought up by Norway, China, Korea, Japan, EC (?), and Canada)

From what I understand about the above dispute is that these countries want the USA to drop all of their importing safety standards (ie, we won't buy imported steel products if they're made in slave labor camps) and join their organization that allows this.

United States: Equalizing Excise Tax Imposed by Florida on Processed Orange and Grapefruit Products (Brought by brazil): 26 March 2002

This one says that they want to get rid of an importing tax in florida because it doesn't distinguish between processed fruit, and non processed fruit. Basically they don't want to have to pay a tax that floridians pay for the food grown in their own state.

United States: Provisional Anti-Dumping Measure on Imports of Certain Softwood Lumber from Canada (Brought by Canada): 12 March 2002

Canada wants the US to get rid of some anti-dumping laws because it hikes up the price of their goods.....

Japan: Measures Affecting the Importation of Apples (Brought by US): 6 March 2002

The US wants Japan to get rid of a law that prohibits importing of apples with disease causing organisms.


My point is, there are tons of disputes like this, and if the WTO rules against the offending country, they HAVE to strike the law down or face billions of dollars in tarriffs.

Who is the WTO to strike down democratically elected laws? I bet you didn't know that the WTO ruled against the US's clean air act.
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