For Sale: NES and Genesis Systems + More


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Got three NES Systems, All working, with hookups. Do not have new 72 pins in them, however I did get them to run pretty well with the couple games I own. Asking $15 + shipping each one. That's roughly what they sell on ebay for, and I am just too lazy to put in new connectors.

Aswell, got 2 Genesis systems for sale, with hookups. Both work well. Aswe+ll, asking $15 each +shipping.

Now If i see some interest in these items, I got some more stuff that I will add to the list. Things like controllers and a couple games. if interested, just reply to the thread, email me, or pm me.

Thanks! :rtfm


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Well, I don't really need another NES, but I would be interested in games if you are willing to part them from the systems. Let me know.