forgoten passwords

Does anyone know how i could get my yahoo password by some how hacking into my yahoo messenger and retriving the password that is stored on my computer?

Ya my mind went blank i can't remember my yahoo or hotmail passwords or any of the things that will alow me to get my password.
well i assume you ment the questions you answer like...what is your favorite color, or what is your pets name... usually easy password reminder questions
you probably could send an email to Yahoo's tech support, from the account that you told yahoo mail to send important stuff to.

that would be your best bet, everything else, is long and/or difficult (password crack program could work, but be long)
Originally posted by joe81@Dec. 27 2002, 9:32 am

i think i signed up for yahoo with my hotmail account LOL so i can't do that.

Well, first retrieve your Hotmail password then. On the log-on page, next to the password entry box, click "Forgot Your Password?" and go from there.
as i stated before i can't remember my answer for the hotmail process (i signed up for it when you typed in your question and answer and i can't remember my answer to my question of "nothing").
You could try the trial version of Elcomsoft's IM password recovery software. If it doesn't do the trick I'm sure there's other similar software, but watch what you run as lots of software in this category tend to be shady. You can also try just waiting, the password often pops into your head after a while.

i can't remember my answer to my question of "nothing"

I take it you can't give an empty reply?
no you cant

but i remembered my yahoo password so half to battle is over

my hotmail i think that's gone forever(damn changing the password because i gave the original to this girl i know and she lost it in a public place)
That Advanced Instant Messengers Password Recovery program is a cool little utility. I tried using it to get one o fmy old icq passwords back, BUT it only works on passwords 3 characters or shorter. Anyone else got a reliable one that is perhaps freeware?
i dont know all my info for hotmail i lied with it all so i just signed up for a new account and resigned up at boards and stuff that i used the account to sign up for.