Forums working again!

<font color='#000000'>I think I got the database fixed up... now to see if some other new issues can be fixed like the smilies =)</font>
<font color='#000000'>Well, the deleted posts don't show up anymore but all threads started before the upgrade are shown as new and aren't affected by marking the forums as read and then there's the small problem of all text showing up as black, but that's a smaller problem.</font>
<font color='#000000'><font color="red"> For time being use html for font colors a simple <font color="red"> will do also this forum is upgraded now thats why a few things are diff. Just give it a few but the posting bug is fixed</font></font>
<font color='#000000'>your a good women myst
<font color='#000000'>Gimme a sec.. let me see if I can change the colors around. Arakon said the new forum update installed new color tags and defaults. It needs to be resetup</font>
<font color='#000000'>Update: I cant find the controls that do the font colors =/ All LOOKS ok in the coding... yet ikon still assigns #000000

to font color... so instead im working on the table color so LEAST one can see a post. Im hungry and wont do this much longer (I can once I eat)</font>
Good reason then. I like the new features too.

Thanks for your effort Arakon and Mysticales.