found another game the uses vcd card

I see vcd game questions asked about this every now and again, but nobody knows anything besides Lunar. Well here`s another one- Wangan Dead Heat Plus Real Arrange (could that sound anymore Japanese??). It`s a 2 player racing game released by Victor/Pack-in-Video Co. Works with or without the vid card (w/o = windowed + saturn blotchiness, with = full screen tv broadcast quality. really nice).
Actually, since we're on the topic of it again, maybe i'll explain a method I discovered for extracting/playing mpeg's from Lunar: SSSC MPEG. While i'm not 100% certain, one -should- be able to use the same technique with other mpeg games.

1. First, get isobuster.

2. Next, put your disc in the drive and run isobuster. Choose your cdrom from the menu.

3. Right-click on the file you wish to extract, and choose the option "Extract but FILTER only M2F2 Mpeg frames". Now pick a location and save the file.

4. Now here's the odd part. The only programs i've found that can properly read the file are flaskmpeg and virtualdub. Of course even flaskmpeg doesn't properly preview the file. So I would suggest using virtualdub.

5. Just open the file and then do a preview.

Not sure why it only works like that... My best guess would be that it uses a rare type of interleaving or something that isn't well supported.

Oh, for the curious, here are some stats on Lunar's mpegs:



Frame size: 320x224

fps: 29.970



Format: MPEG Audio Layer II

Frequency: 44khz

Number of channels: 2(Stereo)

Bitrate: 192kbps

Cyber Warrior X
Well, I eventually succeeded getting the MPEG movies off my copy of Wangan Dead Heat + Real Arrange.

All I had to do was copy the files in Windows Explorer from CD to HD and give them the .mpg extension.

The kicker is I then had to demultiplex each mpeg file into three separate streams using TMPGEnc (a fabulous program btw).

The three streams were video, audio and some odd filler data which was probably the reason WIndows Media Player refused to play the files in their original form.

However, once I reversed the process, multiplexing video and audio back into MPEG files while ignoring the third stream, VOILA! Perfect, working, VCD-compliant MPEG movies playable on a PC.

For those who've caught fire now, I am and have been sharing the Wangan Dead Heat videos on classicsega (Direct Connect).

One interesting bit of info is that one of the girls from the game goes by the name of Akira Kiuchi. She happens to also appear in a Saturn puzzle game called Body Heat 264 (I think)... and it turns out she's quite the glamorous photo model. Those interested may do a Google search for her name and browse tons of gallery sites featuring her (don't expect anything pornographic, she's just a sexy model).