theres the link

I didnt see it before but theres also a way to read the cd's without ssci

looks like windows
It won't do you much good though. I have ripped open a 3DO disc and most of the files inside are of an unknown type to Windows.

In short, yep there they are but you can't do anything with em!
No way your freakin kiddin Jacky .

I thought once you loaded this program you could then play the games .

But really folks this type of thing is very helpfull (if it works) for development . You know people who make programs and such because normally windows wont read the files . (Just clarify for the guy who put his 1/2 cents worth in .)

Guess I should tell the guy in the ealier thread tring to make an emulator .
i was being an ass because you posted a message for no reason you had nothing to say except somthing we all pretty much know already and no usefull information to add .

ALso i would believe without downloading it that its the program that came with the computer 3do card which would be a sign. step for those who would know what to do with the files even though you dont .
If I remember correctly, the dev kit for 3do was based on the apple computer system. I can't remember which model, at the moment, but it seems that if you wanted to dev for the 3do or just be able to read the files on disk, that would be a good place to start.
I dont know about the apple thing , but what i was talking about was the 3do pc card .

Wow if it was apple that was the dev kit thatd be one of the first ones I knew about on non pc format .

Wouldnt it be cool to have a Katana ?
Jauguar was dev'd on amiga's. The 3do was on a modified console interfaced to a Mac Quadra through an opticle link cable. (went and found a copy of a 3do dev faq I had saved from long ago.) With the dev software and tools, cost around $9000. But there was an alternate dev card, a nubus card for macintosh computers at around $6000. I had heard there was a pc card in the works but had never heard if it was released. I guess it was. How did it work?
This thread got me interested in 3do again.had a system years ago but sold it. went out at lunch to prowl some pawn shops and found a panasonic fz-o1 w/10 games including dragons lair,gex and wing commander III for $50. Yeah, you know I grabbed it. You don't run into them much here in AZ.
Quote: from Xavier on 10:35 pm on Mar. 4, 2002

no the card was to play 3do games on your pc i think

Correct. It was released by Creative and called the 3DO Blaster. Needless to say it flopped big time.