Free 6month subscription to EGM

US only... shame :(

What's EGM like these days? I used to read it religiously in the MegaDrive days. I've got a stack of old issues at home somewhere :)
Well, actually some magazine company offered me two free subscriptions if I paid for two others. What they DID was give me EIGHTEEN magazine subscriptions for four years and insisted I pay for all of them. So I paid for none of them.
Make sure to put in a fake address or a email you never use anymore, this morning I was like out of coffee, and I wasn't aware that I put in my real address.

I thinks I gots spammed already, something from college club... and they know my name.
Becareful with these things. I signed up for 12 free issues of EGM, and 3 issues into it I was sent a bill...for the Official PSM. I wrote a fat cancel on the bill, and sent it back to them. I'm not due for another magazine for another few weeks, so who knows what is gonna happen.