FS: my games must go....

Hi all: here are the things i have for sale $25.00 takes it all, plus free shipping! or i'll sell each for $5.00 w/ free shipping. i really just want to get rid of these. they all include original case and manual, and are generally okay condition: the usual wear and tear for used items.

Virtua Fighter Kids

Double Switch (bottom hinge broken)


mortal kombat II

Tomb Raider

NHL ALL-Star (I will give you this one for free, provided for pay exactly $3.85 for shipping).

Everything ships with USPS Priority mail (shipping not negotiable, it's just so much for convenient that way)


I also have a collection of gamecube games i want to get rid of, shipping will be exactly $4 for all of these listed next: They are all in like new condition, unless otherwise stated:

Starfox adventures $20

Summoner: a goddess reborn $20 (outside sleeve has become wrinkled for some reason)

Outlaw Golf $14

Lost Kingdoms $15

X-Men: next dimension $14.00

Mystic Heroes $21

if you want to pay with paypal from a credit card source, please add $2.00 + $0.50/item (if you buy multiple items)

I have an ebay account, where you can check my feedback: hikki_guy. i am also paypal verified premier member, so i can take credit cards. i'll also take money orders. I used to be a video game fanatic, but find i don't have time for it anymore. THis stuff has been sitting on my shelf for quite some time. my e-mail is manyv1kh10280@hotmail.com

PS: I would really rather have cash, so i'm not willing to trade. i'll already have enough junk lying around!