FTP Speeds

I know how routing works and what not, but things must be rediculus. I live in AZ with COX @home internet. My bro in Utah using MSN dailup get's 50kbs downloads (50kbs up for me) form me. Almost all other connection get 2-5kbs. Is routing betweeen ISPs that mest up? The connection can only be as fast as the slowest link (slowest router hop). I also notice when I would run a peer to peer server I could get 3 uploads about 75kbs to 150kbs. It makes me mad, I really don't understand what is up, is peer to peer better because it cuts out many hops and only uses fast hops to make the conncetion, while ISP just make connections and really don't care?

I want to improve my upload speed, (your download speed) of my FTP server. Is there any software tweaks I can run on my server to improve thouput? Is there any router tweaks that I can also do to improve throughput? Also with my medom there must be some tweak that can be made. I know some of you will need more info to even know if you can help, but I want to keep that info hush hush, that will be all done by private messaging, and earning my trust.

All other advice for windows XP pro tweaks and mics tweaks can continue in this thread. Best of all hleping me will be helping you to get better downloads on the Sega classics we all love