Full list of 6-button incompatible games

I recently bought a fully boxed High Frequency 6-button controller at a thrift store, and was browsing the instruction pamplet, and was surprised to find a complete list of incompatible games. Well, it may not be 100% complete, but it contains 300% of all the games I already knew about anyway.

Mode Button Required Games:

Mortal Kombat

Arch Rivals


Forgotton Worlds

Golden Axe II

Ms. Pac-Man

(Which is funny because I just played Golden Axe II last week and didn't have any issues).

What is really strange is that it provides a list of "not recommend" games:

"The following games are not recommended for play with the HIGH FREQUENCY 6-Button Control Pad":

Air Driver

Double Dragon 2

Slime World




Jordan Vs. Bird

Trouble Shooter



John Madden Football(1)

Which is interesting for several reasons.

1. I've played Slime World and Trouble Shooter without any issues.

2. There is no such game "Aliens" on the Genesis, I assume they mean Alien 3.

3. Forgotton Worlds cannot be played on this controller, even in 3-button mode, but it's not on the "not recommended" list.

My guess is that this is some comprehensive list of games with some specific input usage that's incompatible with 6-button controllers. But your mileage may vary, depending on whether that particular feature gets triggered or not during normal gameplay.