Fully Modified XboX FS

XboX 1.6 -> AS5 used on cpu and gpu.

Xenium SP ICE

200GB WD HD 7200rpm 8MB cache

2x Controller

1 Game holder

Mech Assault 2

Fully Setup Software and Mod Bios(plug and play your dvd's with no kit :smokin: )

I am looking for 425usd shipped(insured with delivery confirmation) for this. It is brand new but I don't have a need for it as I have rediscovered the love of PC gaming. I have relatively good heatware of 6-0-0 at: http://www.heatware.com/eval.php?id=19737

I am open to offers but no low balling please. If you take contention with the price don't thread crap plz pm me with your gripes.
Ahh price drop. 425 is fair for me. I even got that damned xenium updated to 2.3.0 for its OS and on a 1.6b xbox many say its impossible.

Hours, many cd-r's, and more headache's. I finally got it to work so I am in a giving mood.