Fyi for saturn music...

I downloaded Wipeout 2097 (XL) from IRC a few days back, but I was tired of the original (yet still incredible) soundtrack that it came with. I unrar'ed the files, and saw that the music files were mp3's, so I figured I could change the

It's really simple. Here are the steps:

1) Using winamp, or another mp3 decoder, decode all the .mp3 files that came with the iso to .wav.

2) Take note of the wav files. How many there are, what size they are, and the length. Then delete them, or place 'em in a different directory... whatever the hell you want to do with 'em. ;]

3) Find the mp3's you want on the game instead. Decode those to wav. Remember the properties of the original files, because if you put in more music tracks than the original had, or if they're larger in size, or longer in play time it may not fit on your cd. After you're done with your music selection, create a new .cue file manually, or use the saturn cue file generator. (In the case of the latter, you'll have to move all unwanted files out of the directory your iso and wavs are in)

4) Burn it! I personally use Fireburner, as I can't find a working CDRWIN copy, and my burner isn't supported by it, anyway...

I realize most of you probably know this already, so I'm just putting it out so those that don't know have the info... I was just asking about this myself just a couple days ago.

Later, all...


ftp://download:now@ port 21