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Hey guys,

My little cousin got a Game Doctor SF III, but I never used those brand of Disk Copiers. It didn't come with instructions so does anyone know what It can do? Also it didn't come with a power adapter, but the back says "DC IN: 9v ~ 12V , 850 mA ~ 1.5 A". Im assuming the ~ signs between ranges means as long as the adapter fits within the range your ok?

Thanks a bunch,
It can accept various power inputs
So anything inbetween there is good. I use a Genesis model 1 power pack with my GD.

Hold down the R1 button when you power it up or else it will try to autoload whatever floppy disk is inserted. Which is a pain when you don't know what's going on.

You can also find a manual for the GDSF7 on Red 9. It's mostly the same so it can answer a lot of the questions you might have.
Game Doctors aren't made anymore so it depends. The most you should pay for a 32MB one is $200US, but that's insane. I bought my GDSF6 for $50 Canadian, which is a awesome bargain
I'm pretty sure you can get a new Super WildCard DX2 from Lik Sang or Front FarEast for $250US. I think you can find new Super UFO's for like $110US somewhere on the net.

Edit: I dug up the people selling Super UFO's, You can find them here.
Quadriflax --> Im a she, not he...
Since when is a boy called Cecilia!?

ragnar14 --> Do you know anything else about the GD 3 in particular? Can it do realtime saves, or memory saves so you don't need to load the last game from disks all the time?
Hmm, I don't think the GDSF3 can do real time saves (or at least I've never managed to do it with my GD3 or 6). So it's standard BRAM saves only.

You don't need to reload the same game all the time if you keep the GD plugged in, it'll remember everything in it's memory.
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Quadriflax --> Im a she, not he...
Since when is a boy called Cecilia!?

That's what they all say... :

ragnar14 --> Do you know if a Genesis or a Sega CD AC adapter would work with the Game Doctor 3? About saving, Im almost sure the newest versions can do it. At least the Super UFO's did everything.
Hey Ragnar14, what kind of Compatability does the GD3 give on games? I mean file formats, and games. If it can't load many new games then Cecilia might as well sell the GD3 on her cousins behalf (Whatever gives the most cash) and goto mall and pickup a SUPER UFO 32+.

As far as I know, those things do EVERYTHING.

I think the only thing you'd need to worry about is Chinese since im sure the menus and error messages ect are all Chinese. But thats a moot point for Cec.
Hi Trent,

I think the two major problems with the UFO is that unless you goto a store yourself, you might get a dead unit with bad ram, and that you might get cheated into buying an older version. There are many versions of the 8 meg, 16 meg, 24 meg, 32 meg UFO and they all look a like. If the price is being low balled, then you know its probably a crappy 16 Meg or 8 meg version. Most stores only say 32 meg version if it really is, so they can try to sucker more money out of you. Otherwise they don't say the memory anywhere so you think your getting a good system for cheap, but you really got the older version.
Cecilia: Yep, a Genesis/SegaCD power adapter is what I use. And yes, I think a GD7 can do real-time saves. I wish my GD6 could

Trenton: The Game Doctor has about as good compatablity as all the other copiers out there (no copier can play every game out there). The only problem is the roms need to be converted to Game Docter format. Most other copiers don't exclusivly use only one rom format. Once you get the hang of converting roms it's simple.

Oh, and you can set a GD to display English
ragnar14 >> Are you sure you don't loose functionality? With some cheap brands, like the Super GS11, they were too lazy to translate everything, so some advanced features were left off the menus. In the English side, this was the case, But if you used the Chinese version, some extra menus and explinations about them show up. This is also the same with some units which don't retain game roms, real-time saves, or multi-rom loads. You needed to get a universal copier and enable Chinese or a Chinese only version of it to enable it.

Cec >> Is this the same with UFO, or does the menu show every item in both English and Chinese model units?

As far as I know the only units which are trustworthy is the Bung Game Doctor line and Super Wild Card line. Almost all the other copiers are plauged with defects of one type or another. If its not faulty RAM, its faulty disk drives or something else. If you decided to get a UFO or anything other than a Game Doctor or a Wild Card, you DEFINATLY should goto a store to get it. That way you can get a quick replacement. Otherwise its shipping back to HK/China as well as payment costs and shipping back. And thats if you get good service and nothing is lost.
GDSF7 also uses bram, no realtime saves to floppy.. unless you mean realtime saves on the unit, and if needed transfer to floppy later (it stayed permanently in internal memory unless another game was loaded).

as for the red9 board, no idea.. I'm guessing it went down for good, as far as I know the admins hadn't looked at it in like 2 years.