Game Factory Carts

I picked up a green and a blue Game Factory cart from the Philly classic. I plugged them into my Nomad and got nothing but a light blue screen. So I took them home and threw them in my D.P.F. and dumped the images. The green appears to be a 2m cart and the blue a 4m cart. Now I was also unable to get anything to load from the carts on a regular Genesis 1 syste so I took the images and loaded them into my comp and messed around with them using genesis launch tool. I couldnt join the blue cart files and was unable to do anythig but truncate the images, which is useless. I also ran them through a hex edit prg to see if I could find anything and came up with nothing useful to me. So I have these images that are re-dumped and untouched ina RAR file for anyone who wishes to play around with them to see if they can get some use out of them
the carts are empty...when you get a blue screen there isn't anything flashed to the carts...but here's a good question...i've got the same carts you have and neither get a blue screen but instead a black screen

if you find any use for these, post it here, as now they only serve as collectables...

Also just out of curiosity, who did you buy the carts from and how much where they
Dont know the guys name but I guess he owns a vintage gaming store given that I also purchassed a new Sega Nomad with battery pack and power supply and a TV Tuner for the Sega Game Gear from him. He had a few more of the green and blue carts. I got them for $20.

But the odd thing is that the image I dumped from the carts are not blank. They do have some sort of info on them. I read the images with a hex edit program and can see that its not blank. There is a lot of what appeears to be code but cant make anything out of it. Its not all "0's"...

Once I find my game bit driver I will take it apart and hack into it on a hardware level...
I asked about who sold them, as i purchased some from a guy in north NJ, if you do a search for the gamefactory carts on the board someone was kind enough to take a picture of the insides of one of them...might save you some time with opening it.