Game Genie Rumor

I just want to settle what may be a myth.

I have heard from several sources that the Genie can be used to play games with regional lockout programming.

I know it fixes the cart shape problem by extending it. I use it often. But I have heard that games with lockout (DragonBall, Doreamon, etc.) could possibly be played with use of certain codes.

Well, I used to have this Zany Golf cart which I thought was broke. It never played on Nomad or Genesis. I assumed it was dead. But when plugged in via a Genie, it worked! My guess is that the cart must have some regional difference because it is shaped like the north american carts; eventhough it did not function as such.

So now I think there may be something to the Genie thing. My Doreamon and Dragonball carts still do not work when connected via a genie.

But does anyone think it is possible to bypass the program and trick a cart into thinking it is in a particular regional consolewith the use of a Genie code?

Has anyone accomplished this with a locked-out (not just MD shaped) cart?
along similiar lines

are there any hardware hacks that can be made to facilitate game saving while using a game genie?
It seems like the Genie would be a game hackers heaven.

I don't understand why there are no Genie sites or groups using it for mad science experiments like other hardware.

If this thing alters the code, i would think it should also be able to alter the part of the program which scans for region in the rom.

This is the best I have found but nothing on playing imports with lockout.

Unless you count fugged up sites like this which REALLY piss me off!