Game/Hardware Manuals

Does anybody here knows project64? Not the Nintendo 64 site.


For all who don´t know it. It´s a game manual, software and hardware manual collection for the Commodore 64. They didn´t scan the manuals, They read them by OCR and put them as only TXT files on their site. That saves a lot of webspace, downloadtime and is easy to handle.

I thought why don´t doing the same for sega systems.

With enough help it must be able to create the same like project64 for sega.

It´s only an idea. Let me know what you think about it. And habe a look at the site.
Not a bad idea maybe even a PDF format instead to keep some things like diagrams or pictures intact that may be needed but only if need ofcourse
Well yea I know C64... is the best place for the emu.

Anyways back in that day you dindt NEED complex pics. ::Still has her C64 manual boxes in house:: anyways but for sega it would REALLY be best in pdf format. If we had a pdf archive that would be the best there is =D
Hmm, yes PDF´s are fine. I think the only problem is that not everybody got Adobe Acrobat (not the reader).

I mean the program to create PDF´s from OCR.

I´m not sure, but is there other software that can create PDF´s from scans..

I have Xerox Text Bridge, not sure if that´s able to create PDF´s.